About Foot golf


Introduction of Foot Golf

York Lake Golf & Country Club developed Saskatchewan's first Foot Golf Course in 2016 and is one of many in Canada.  This course was designed to utilize a large area salvaged from the Back 9 which was flooded to a state where it could not be recovered. 

While Foot Golf does not require any special equipment  or any specialized skills (as opposed to regular golf), it does take a good deal of practice to Par the course.

This has become a popular sport for Schools, Birthday parties, Team Building and for anyone who wants to burn some energy or just enjoy the fresh air. It is played with a standard size 5 soccer ball and you can bring your own, or rent one from the clubhouse. (Full shoes or running shoes are recommended)
For more information, contact he clubhouse at 306-783-8424. 


Hole in One and Course Records

Hole in One

  • Aug 27, 2016           Hole #2 -              Justin Adam 
  • Aug 31, 2016            Hole #2 -              Tomas Quinde 
  • Jun 28. 2017           Hole #2 -               Matt McKee   

Course Records

 June 28, 2017                     39                      Set by Matt McKee and Dillon Ferridge

July 7th, 2017                      38                   - Matt McKee
July 26th, 2017                    37                   - Mike Jakubiec 


Mike Jakubiec - Hole in One and Current Course Record
Mike Jakubiec - Hole in One and Current Course Record