Board of Directors


President- Judy Hughes

Vice President- Rick Schrader

Secretary - Donna Liebrecht

Treasurer- Marlene Schrader


Dale Blazeiko

Randy Hrywkiw

Dave McLelland

Rob Poirier

Layne Trowell

Dave Zbeetnoff


There is currently no vacanies on the Board.


Kitchen and ProShop

Lee Mitringa

Felicia Agecoutay

Kim Procyshen

Karen Hierlihy

Judy MacKinnon GM

Austin Keshane-Papequash

Misty Littlechief

Calley Stone


Brad LeDrew

Adam Schrader

Ron Gurski


We have no vancies at this time



York Lake Golf & Country Club has a long history of operating with the assistance of active volunteers.With all of the challenges in the industry, it would be impossible to successfully run our Golf Course without our many dedicated volunteers. From working on Grounds, planting and caring for flowers, and cooking for our many Staff and Corporate events, they do it all and we THANK YOU!

Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer in any capacity, please contact any one of our executive. 

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