York Lake Golf Course Policies

Registration for Tee Times

Please cancel or reduce the number of players in your group in advance when your plans change!

  • All Members and Guests are required to check in at the Proshop prior to their Tee-Time. Golfers should check in fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled Tee -Time. Failure to do so may result in your tee-time being given to walk-on players.
  • Play will start from the first Tee unless otherwise authorized by the Proshop
  • Players coming off the 12th Hole shall have priority provided:
  •         - They have pre-registered for 18 Holes
  •         - They have maintained their pace of play and accommodated on the Tee Sheet
  •         - They have checked back in to the Clubhouse before proceeding to the tee (13th Hole)

Power Carts

  • To rent a Power Cart, Golfers must be a minimum of 16 Years of Age and possess a valid Class 5 drivers license.
  • Maximum 2 Riders per cart
  • Individuals are responsible for all damages to power carts and for any damage to the course while using a power cart.

Golf Clubs

  • All golfers are required to have their own set of clubs and golf  bag

Playing Groups

  • Maximum of four players per tee time
  • Groups of four shall have priority of play
  • In all cases, common courtesy and etiquette will dictate that if there is an open hole in front of a playing group, that playing group will step aside and allow the following group to play through


  • Only alcohol purchased at the golf course is permitted on the golf course. Any outside alcohol will be confiscated.

Twilight Rates

  • Twilight shall begin daily after 4:00 pm unless otherwise posted.

Dress Code

  • Dress Code is casual however guests are expected to wear proper attire at all times – Shirts and shoes must be worn, no bikini tops
  • Players must wear soft spiked golf shoes or soft-soled footwear
  • Shoes or boots with over ½ inch heels are not permitted to prevent damage to the course.

Rules of Play

  • Current Rules of Play governed by Golf Canada are in effect except where local rules indicated on the Score Card apply.
  • All Golfers should be aware of the New Rules in 2019 which include Pace of play and Time spent looking for balls.

Divots and Ball Marks

  • Please repair Ball Marks and Divots. Use sand and grass seed on Tee boxes where provided

Course Marshall Authority

  • From time to time York Lake will utilize volunteers for Course Marshalls. In consideration of other players, Marshalls are authorized to control speed of play by requesting that players maintain the daily pace (ie. May be asked to pick up ball or skip a hole)

Handicap Flags

  • Power carts will be restricted to cart paths when weather or turf conditions warrant. Guests who have walking impairments may be given use of a Handicap Flag. These guests will be permitted to use the 90 degree rule during Cart Path only conditions.
  • ·Carts with Handicap flags must be kept 30 feet from Greens and Tee Boxes
  • Abuse of the Handicap Flag will result in loss of privilege.

Rain Checks

  • Rain checks will be issued after a guest has begun their round and due to inclement weather are unable to complete the round.
  • Rain Checks will be pro-rated based on the number of holes completed
  • Rain checks are only valid in the season they are issued and have no cash value

Inclement Weather

  • A horn will sound in case of lightning or other severe weather, all guests should return to the clubhouse immediately and check in at the pro shop.